Dark  Circles or discoloration of the under-eye skin tends to age us more than wrinkles or grey hair. It affects many of us from time to time. Dr Venkataram speaks about the causes and modalities of treatment for Dark Circles.

1. What are the causes of Dark Circles ?

Ans. Causes of Dark Circles can be Environmental and internal factors.

2. Who can be affected?

Ans. Dark circles around eyes affect both men and women, often starting in adulthood, although children can develop dark circles around eyes, too.

3. What is the treatment?

Ans. See your dermatologist for advice. More treatments are available for dark circles around eyes than ever before.  It is always  important to treat the underlying cause, in addition to treating  cosmetic deformity.

Minimize sun exposure, use sunscreen lotion regularly, avoid heavy cosmetics, do not touch the area frequently

5. How safe are these treatments?

All these treatments are very simple, safe. No rest is needed and you can attend to work immediately

6. How much result can I expect?

While these treatments are very helpful and give good results, it is important to remember that as in cosmetic treatments, the aim is improvement and not perfection. So reasonable expectation is necessary.

7. Will the condition recur after treatment?

Since many of the causes for dark circles are partly environmental and lifestyle, some maintenance treatments and life style medications are necessary to prevent recurrence.